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Piled Pontoons

GCMarine offer a range of piled pontoon solutions for domestic and commercial projects, with a variety of piles available to suit various locations and elements. Our experienced staff are able to recommend the right choice for your property.

GCMarine’s pontoons are a heavy-duty pontoon. The deck is constructed using 50MPA concrete with internal steel reinforcements rods for maximum strength. For floatation, a foam void is used with a maximum of 7% absorption rate and lined with a high strength HDPE liner to eliminate any marine life entering the void. The pontoon is then topped off with first grade marine carpet. Conduits are also provided to the full perimeter of GCMarine pontoons for power and water connection.

Key Pontoon Features

  • 125mm Concrete deck using 50MPA concrete
  • Aluminium whaler 3mm thick
  • Low absorption foam void 7% or less
  • High strength HDPE liner
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Perimeter beams for additional strength
  • First Grade Marine Carpet – UV Stabilised
  • Full perimeter conduit
  • Mooring cleats
  • Optional additional pontoon accessories
  • Council approvals
  • Engineered drawings
  • CAD designed drawings for customer approval
  • Exceeds Australian Standards
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Piled Pontoons Types:

Spun concrete piles: These piles are well suited to pontoons on main rivers and properties that are in a high wash zone. Spun piles are pre-formed by an Australian manufacturer giving them rated engineering certification. With a range of breaking strengths available we will tailor the best type for you.

Steel Piles with Black Sleeves: Steel piles are again in the heavy duty range and offer the flexibility for a tall pile, meaning spun piles are generally limited to around 16m where as steel piles are available in 16m lengths and can be cut and welded onsite to whatever size is required (within engineering limits). For example following the Brisbane River Floods in 2011, most piles are now between 16m and 22m and use steel piles due to the lengths required to meet the new Q100 flood level.

Insitu Piles: These are the alternative option for pontoons in quiet areas, which does not encroach onto beach space. Insitu piles comprise of a steel cage, filled with concrete and a PVC casing.